A Little Catch Makes a Big Difference

Amy Donohue, BBBS Match Support Specialist, shares the following story about Herb and Brennen, a match from Worcester.

Herb said that when he and Brennen get together, they toss the football back and forth, when the weather allows it. Herb said that most of the time, Brennen is unable to catch the ball, and when he throws it, the ball spins all over the place and does not go too far. But Herb said he is always encouraging him with “nice throw” and “you’re doing great!” A couple weeks ago they went to watch a college football game. During the game, a ball was tossed out of bounds and close to where they were sitting. Boys that were much bigger and older than Brennen went for the ball to throw it back to the team, but Brennen quickly got up and raced to the ball and threw it back to the team. Brennen’s toss made it on the field. Brennen then turned and smiled at Herb. He said it was the most incredible smile…it is a moment he will never forget.

Herb gave Brennen that confidence. He has made a big impact on Brennen in a short amount of time.

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