BBBS Central Mass/Metrowest to be Honored at National Conference

BBBS Central Mass/Metrowest will be one of only 16 agencies to be honored for a 2008 achievement award in the area of Quality. Melanie Perreault, Vice President of Programs for BBBSCM, will accept this award on June 17 in Miami. The following is a letter from Cindy Mesko, notifying the agency of the award.

It is my great privilege to inform you that BBBS of Central Mass/Metro West is being recognized at the National Conference as one of only sixteen AIM agencies for your 2008 achievement in the area of Quality. This recognition will take place at the Wednesday, June 17th Luncheon. At that time, your agency’s name will be called and I will invite all the staff and board of your agency who are at the conference to stand and be recognized for being pacesetters in the area of Quality.

As you know, one of the hallmarks of the Big Brothers Big Sisters brand is our strong focus on quality services. This includes our work on making Longer, Stronger matches. Through AIM, we know the 2008 National Average in these key quality performance areas, along with the percentage of Match Support contacts completed.

Average Community-Based Match Length 33.3 months 20.3 months
Average Site-Based Match Length 14.1 months 10.6 months
6 Month Retention Rate – Community-Based 81.0% 79.7%
6 Month Retention Rate – Site-Based 80.0% 73.4%

We are pleased to recognize that BBBS of Central Mass/Metro West exceeded these quality metrics in both CB and SB programs.

A couple of detail points: You may sit anywhere in the ballroom that you like for the luncheon. Following the luncheon, I invite one member of your agency to come to the front of the ballroom, where we have a certificate to give you.

Again, I am honored to be able to recognize your staff and board for pacesetting achievement in the area of quality. I look forward to seeing you at conference!


Cindy Mesko
Vice President Agency Development
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
230 North 13th Street • Philadelphia, PA 19107

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