2 weeks to Rodman Ride

Hi again Rodman Riders and welcome to new riders!

Before the training tips, some housekeeping:

– Please let me know if you have an extra bike that you can bring along on September 26.

– Currently we have 87 participants registered to ride for BBBS of Central Mass/Metrowest (yes, I’m counting double for tandem bikers)!  If you know anyone who hasn’t registered yet, please encourage them to sign up as soon as possible.

– We are hoping to gather footage to use for a Ride 2009 Thank you video and Ride 2010 Promo video.  Let me know if you have an extra camera or would be willing to do some videography.

– We have just a few volunteer slots remaining at the BBBS Waterstop – let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.

– Next week I’ll send an e-mail with all the location/arrival time information. 🙂

With the Ride only 2 weeks away, we want to make sure you are finishing up your fundraising and continuing to train for the ride. The following are some important safety tips for the day of the ride.

*Always wear a helmet! (And for the lacrosse players: Yes, it has to be a BICYCLE helmet!) The Ride requires all bikers to wear a helmet for the entire ride.

*Wear a comfortable outfit with layers in case it is cold in the morning then gets warmer on the day of the ride.

*Bring sneakers that you’ve trained in to eliminate the possibility of blisters.

*Stretch at least ten minutes before the ride so you are not sore the next day.

*Make sure you have inflated the tires on your bike and feel comfortable braking.

*Remember to ride within safe distance of other bikers and beware of your surroundings.

*Don’t talk on your cell phone while riding!  I know it sounds like common sense but you’d be surprise how many people try to do both.

We look forward to seeing you September 26th for a fun and safe ride. Let me know if you have any questions and happy cycling!

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