Congratulations, John’s Brothers!

The 2008 Rodman Ride for Kids was the first year that the entire Holy Cross Lacrosse team was able to participate as riders.  They raised over $5,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters and as they hopped on their bikes and went through the 25-mile waterstop, they saw a sign of all sponsors $10,000 and over.  It was at that time that the “John’s Brothers” Lacrosse team increased their goal for the 2009 Rodman Ride to $10,000, so that they could see their name on this year’s waterstop sign.

Their fundraising began in May with a few trips through the Holy Cross dorms, knocking door-to-door to collect change.  They reached out to family over summer break and e-mailed friends to ask for donations to collect over $9,800, which is where they hit a plateau.  So at yesterday’s practice, every lacrosse player agreed to donate $3 of his own to raise the last $107.

And as of today, it is official: The “John’s Brothers” Holy Cross Lacrosse Team has hit their goal of $10,000!
(In fact they exceeded their goal by a whole 8 cents!)

Congratulations to the entire team, led by captain Brendan Candon – you all set a very ambitious goal and did everything you could to attain it!  On behalf of all of us at Big Brothers Big Sisters, thank you for ALL that you do for the children of Central Mass/Metrowest.

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