Support for Belmont Street School

Some of you may have heard about the terrible act of vandalism committed at Belmont Street Community School in Worcester earlier this week.

Since Belmont Street School is the site of one of our programs (they are host to UMass Medical students as well as athletes from WPI’s softball team, track and field team and swim team), we were devastated to hear about the destruction.

However, we at BBBS are also equally proud of our corporate partner, The Hanover Insurance Group, for stepping forward and supporting the Worcester education community in this time of need.  Below is the press release from The Hanover about their support for Belmont and for the City of Worcester:

FROM: Fred Eppinger, President and Chief Executive Officer

SUBJECT: Rebuilding Belmont Street Community School

DATE: January 28, 2010

Over the past nearly 160 years, The Hanover Insurance Group and employees have established a strong, proud tradition, helping people in need, in business and in the community.

In keeping with that tradition, The Hanover’s charitable foundation has announced that it will match contributions up to $50,000 to help repair the city’s Belmont Street Community School, which was extensively damaged by vandals over the past weekend.

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette and other local media have reported that vandals broke in and left a trail of destruction through every classroom, in hallways, the library and cafeteria of the three-floor building, which serves approximately 425 children in kindergarten through grade six. More than 200 computers were destroyed, doors, windows, desks and cabinets were smashed, and students’ art and other school work were ruined.

As reported today by local media, The Hanover’s foundation’s grant provides much-needed and timely financial support, and encourages others in the community to do what they can to support the rebuilding effort. It also sends a very clear message to the students, their families, teachers, staff and administrators that we care deeply about them and are committed to help them succeed.

The Worcester Public Schools system is hard at work doing what must be done to repair the damage. While the job at hand is enormous, The Hanover has every confidence that the community will come together in the days and weeks ahead to overcome this ordeal, ultimately making the Belmont Street Community School and the community even stronger.

If you would like to join in this effort, the city’s school system is accepting material and monetary contributions directly. Material donations to benefit the Belmont Street Community School can be made by contacting Jeffrey Mulqueen, chief academic officer, at (508) 799-3018. Monetary donations can be made by contacting Brian Allen, chief financial officer, at (508) 799-3401. Checks can be addressed to Worcester Public Schools and sent to Mr. Allen’s attention at 20 Irving Street, Worcester, MA 01609-2493. Contributions are tax deductible and contributors can designate that their donations benefit Belmont Street Community School, entering the school name on the memo line of personal checks.

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