Good use of a snowstorm!

Did you get trapped in this weekend’s blizzard?  So did one of our matches — and they made the most of it!

Last January Derek’s mom, Christina, came to us seeking a male role model for him.  Derek’s dad had moved to Pennsylvania and now that Derek was on the verge of turning ten, mom decided it was time for a positive male influence in his life.

Tucker, a 17-year-old student at St. John’s High School in Worcester, came to us to because he wanted to give back.  He has an older brother who has been a great role model to him, and wanted to return the favor.

Last June Tucker and Derek became a match.  They instantly became fast friends – Derek has not stopped talking about Tucker since they met.  They see each other every week, and talk on the phone often.  Derek and Tucker enjoy doing anything outdoors, especially fishing, so they are excited about the warm weather approaching.

Mom says the match has been great for Derek.  Tucker has really been there for Derek, he is committed to him.  Mom is so grateful to Tucker and the BBBS program.

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