Holiday Message from Jeff at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest

Friends and Supporters of BBBS of CM/MW,

I want to offer my warmest holiday greetings to you all. I am fast approaching my one year anniversary here at BBBS of Central Mass/Metrowest, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your tremendous support and dedication to our mission. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be part of this organization, as well as a national network that helps thousands of children, volunteers, and communities across our country.

As we all reflect on a number of important memories from this past year, as well as engage in hopeful aspirations with the New Year approaching, the one thing I find myself consistently focusing on during this time of year is the core and essence of our organization’s wonderful mission: the support and empowerment of both our Bigs and Littles as they take a meaningful journey together through life’s many highs & lows.

I am convinced that there is no more noble and worthwhile cause than helping a young person in need through mentoring…or helping a volunteer find a meaningful way to give him/herself to make a positive impact on someone’s else life. The profound joys that come with mentoring are magnified and amplified during the holidays, as we all take a moment or two to appreciate one of life’s essentials for success: having a caring, supportive, and reliable person in your life. Our mentors know this in a BIG way, and our Littles are so much the better for it.

The spirit of the holidays often mirror the nature of what we do all year in mentoring — we try to bring out the best in people…both Little and Big alike. Young people, like the holidays, are often full of pleasant surprises, especially when given the opportunity to show who they really are (see the recent ad that Apple is running to experience an example of this).

Thank you ALL for helping us bring out the best in people, young and old alike, Big or Little. Cheers to a wonderful new year, hopefully filled with even more pleasant surprises!

With appreciation,


Chief Executive Officer

BBBS of Central Mass/Metrowest

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