Match Highlight: Allen and Brian (+Tom and Peter)

Allen is a lucky Little Brother. He not only has his official Big Brother, Brian, but Brian’s sons Tom and Peter to serve as mentors as well. Peter was formerly Allen’s Big, but when a job opportunity sent him to Los Angeles, Brian, who had gotten to Allen quite well, decided to step up and serve as his mentor. Peter had taught Allen to ride a bike and they enjoyed much time together playing basketball and football. The two still speak on the phone weekly and when Peter came to visit his family for the Fourth of July he made sure to bring a t-shirt back from LA for Allen.

Brian, Tom, AllenToday Allen spends most of his time with Brian and his son Tom. As stated by Brian the three, “do almost everything together”. They regularly go fishing, Allen’s favorite activity, and they are still involved in many sports. For Allen’s birthday Brian, Peter, and Tom split the cost of swimming lessons for Allen, and the group attended a sports camp so that Allen, a promising athlete, could be exposed to a variety of sports. They have also taken it one step further by joining a gym together. Allen is paying the $10 gym membership himself, the money for which he earns by mowing Brian’s lawn throughout the summer. The group not only has a talent for sports, however. They have also cooked some delicious meals for Allen’s mother, Laura, ranging from pies at Thanksgiving to chicken parm on Mother’s Day. There’s no doubt this is a wonderful match. On a recent drive Allen asked Brian, “If Peter comes home can he still hang out with you and Tom,” to which Brian responded, “of course (;) you have three Big Brothers”!

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