STEMPlay: The Discovery Museums Traveling Science Workshop

Discovery Nariely, Jamie and EvanAs part of our STEM Initiative, we partnered with The Discovery Museums to bring one of their many Traveling Science Workshops to our program at The Framingham Boys and Girls Club where Littles who attend the Club are matched with Bigs from Framingham High School.

This workshop was all about sound. Tuning forks, ping pong balls and wrenches were just a few of the items used to demonstrate that sound is vibration. The instructor started off each of the different experiments by explaining the tools she was using and having a couple of the Littles demonstrate. She then engaged the rest of the group by asking them why they thought what happened did. Next it was the matches’ turn to explore on their own! Discovery Cassie, Luis, Ashton and Josh Discovery Camila, Ashley, Sam, Jennifer

Our Bigs and Littles were able to learn and experiment with several hands-on activities, including creating their own mini instruments out of paper cups, string, a paper clip, and a wet paper towel. The matches even got to take home and show off everything that they made!

Discovery Olivia and ArianeDiscovery Erika and Carly

Our matches had a blast creating, experimenting with, and learning about Sound. A BIG thank you goes to The Discovery Museums for this wonderful opportunity to bring STEMPlay into our programs.

For more photos, click here.

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