How to Become a Great Mentor

Match, Jess and Sandra.
Match, Jess and Sandra.

Many of us have had at least one mentor in our lives.  Mentors provide consistent, positive interactions to foster growth and help us become successful adults.  This week at BBBS CM/MW we are focusing on connecting kids to success – now and in the future.  A great mentoring relationship can be the key to success for a child.  At BBBS CM/MW we support out mentors to help them while they are learning how to be a Big.  The most important thing is to just be a good friend to your Little, but here are ten more steps to help mentors become great:

1) Get to know your Little.  Listen to what’s important to them.

2) Establish trust.  Bigs, you’ve taken a step to become your Little’s role model.

3) Be consistent.

4) Choose activities that you both enjoy and enrich the bond between you.

5) Don’t set out to impose changes on your Little.  Show them you care about them how they are.

6) Join with other matches at agency events.

7) Communicate.  It is important to maintain regular communication with your Little, your Little’s parent/guardian, and your Match Support Specialist.

Match, Jeff and Jacob, at the Sharks game.
Match, Jeff and Jacob.

8) Go below the surface and share your own success and failures with your Little.

9) Set Goals.  Share the same goal of working towards a long lasting relationship.

10) Be Patient.  It’s OK to face challenges in your new relationship. Work on ways to balance expectations and reality.

What are your suggestions on how to be a great mentor?  Share them with us in the comments.  We would enjoy your feedback.

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