Rodman Ride Spotlight: Garry Weiner

Garry Weiner
Garry Weiner, right, at the Rodman Ride for Kids, 2014.

Garry Weiner is the First Vice President, Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. He has been a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest for over 15 years.  Garry started as a Big Brother where he saw the important work that BBBS CM/MW was doing first hand. He then decided to get more involved by joining the Board of Directors.  Garry eventually became the Board Chair and, after finishing his term, is now an active member of the Board of Corporators. Garry is passionate about mentoring and understands the amount of effort required to raise the funds each year to run a nonprofit like BBBS CM/MW. Garry is overjoyed to help with The Rodman Ride for Kids because he knows it is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  His support helps provide financial stability for the agency.

From his experience serving on the Board, Garry knows that the Board is the governing arm of the agency and helps ensure he agency remains on track with fulfilling its mission.  Garry has enjoyed working in all areas of BBBS CM/MW, sitting on the Board, being a Big, governing the agency, and helping to raise funds.  He appreciates being a part of the important task of positively impacting the lives of at-risk youth. His own son and daughter, grandson, elderly father, and Little, are always on his mind when doing this work for the community.

Garry’s Little now lives in Savannah, Georgia. He recently had an opportunity to spend some time with him, his wife and beautiful daughter. Garry is incredibly proud of what his Little has accomplished in his young life, even after having experienced a difficult childhood. Garry hopes that mentoring his Little through the tough times in his life helped him to choose the positive direction his life has taken into adulthood.

If you’d like to help support Garry, or the BBBS CM/MW team, click here:

106% of your donation will go straight to help match children with great mentors, like Garry, in Central Mass/Metrowest. Without this fundraiser, and donations from community members like you, our programs would not be possible.

“Being a Big is one of the most important parts of BBBS CM/MW.”—Garry Weiner, First Vice President, Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

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