Rodman Ride Spotlight: Melanie Perreault-LeBoeuf

Melanie Perreault-LeBoeuf is the Vice President of Programs and Outreach at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest. Melanie has been part of BBBS CM/MW for over 15 years. IMG_5800Melanie began as an intern in January of 2000 and was hired full-time later that year in May. Throughout her tenure, Melanie has held positions as a Case Manager, Director of Programs, and her current role, Vice President of Programs and Outreach.  During this time Melanie has been a Big to four Littles.  Her current Little is named Roxana.  Roxana is an important part of Melanie’s life. Melanie recently married in beautiful Maine, and during her wedding planning process she involved her Little. “I even trusted her to do my hair on the day of the wedding. She did an amazing job!” Melanie says.

Melanie rides for the Rodman Ride for Kids each year because she believes in what she does. She knows BBBS CM/MW is an important resource for the children in our community, and being a mentor herself, she wants to help raise funds to support her match.  BBBS CM/MW offers children so many opportunities they would not have without a mentor. For Melanie there is nothing more telling of what BBBS CM/MW gives to children than the amazement on their faces when they step on a college campus for the first time.  Many children live just blocks away from several colleges and have no idea what those colleges are about or that they could attend one someday.

Melanie’s favorite thing about working with Littles at BBBS CM/MW is seeing the look on her own Littles’ face when she does something new for the first time. Melanie likes to Jet Ski with her husband and one day brought her Little along. “When she first got on and road on my Jet Ski, her face lit up with excitement,” Melanie says.

Today, Melanie continues to keep all of her Littles, past and present, in her heart and mind. She believes all of BBBS CM/MW’s Big Brothers and Sisters would agree their Little is on their mind, through and through. “It’s not always easy to find time to handle some of the kid’s family situations, but it’s always worth it in the end.”

Click, Melanie Perreault

“Donate what you can, if everyone who reads this donates even $10, we will be so much closer to reaching our goal.”—Melanie Perreault-LeBoeuf, Vice President of Programs and Outreach, BBBS CM/MW

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