New Mentor Spotlight: Colin Brown

BBBS CM/MW is excited to be starting a new program in Southbridge with volunteer mentors from Nichols College.  We have worked hard over the last year to raise funds and get this program up and running.  Colin is a new mentor who will be volunteering at the YMCA in Southbridge this fall.


Colin realized he was passionate about volunteering when he was 15 helping around the office at a local ministry in Marco Island, Florida. “I realized I could make a difference by giving back to the community,” said Colin. Within a few years, he became a group leader at the same ministry and played an active role in creating and providing lessons for kids.

Colin has served as an ambassador for his ministry and supported the staff by visiting with kids so they would not feel alone. Colin also created a space where kids could be open and express their feeling to peers and other staff members. “I liked seeing kids break out of their shell and feel comfortable around everyone,” Colin says. He has helped out with many volunteer projects, including handing out food to people in poverty.  At the end of his high school career, Colin had already clocked in over 300 hours of community service. When asked his favorite part of volunteering, Colin says, “I love the feeling of giving back and it’s always been for the greater good. Even the impacts are rewarding, regardless of how small they are.”

Colin now attends Nichols College as a student athlete studying marketing and it appears his passion for volunteering is not going away anytime soon. He will continue his service to the community by volunteering for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest at our newest college program with Nichols College. Colin is excited to be matched with a Little at the Southbridge YMCA, and he hopes he will be able to be a consistent, responsible, and positive influence in his Little’s life.  Colin has a great attitude and he knows how worthwhile it is to volunteer and work towards the greater good.

“It is rewarding to know that I made a difference in people’s lives,” Colin says. “The time I put into doing something for the community means that someone was there to provide help for those in need.”

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