Making SLIME! A STEM activity.

Making SLIME!A Stem Activity.

Big Brothers Big Sisters, at its core, is about developing long lasting relationships that give children the tools they need to be successful in life. Jessica Haggett, BBBS CM/MW’s STEM Institute and Corporate Programs Director, knows that with the STEM Institute mentors can help give children the tools they need to be successful in science, technology, engineering and math too.

JessicaHaggett headshot
Jessica Haggett, STEM Institute and Corporate Programs Director

“No child is bad at science,” Jessica says, “It’s just logical thinking.”

This week, Jessica was in space with corporate mentors and their mentees at Girls, Inc. building something crazy with simple supplies you can find in most kitchens. Who knew you could do science with things you already have in your house? Jessica hopes to help dispel the myth that science is difficult or requires fancy laboratories.  Everyone can do science in their everyday lives.

At Girls, Inc. mentors and mentees set up their laboratory. Jessica went over safety guidelines like wearing gloves and goggles, how to do chemistry testing, the importance being careful about measuring ingredients, and lab techniques for experimentation and testing hypotheses.

Slime mentee
Mentee and slime

“I absolutely loved it!” said a Little named Liz. “This is so cool!”

Even though many of the matches felt nervous going into the activity, they left the activity feeling smart, happy and curious—and they had some cool slime to take home too! Mentee Betsy said she would try another STEM activity. The STEM Institute’s approach is to inspire this kind of curiosity.  Mentors and mentees need opportunities to connect with STEM and encourage children to see science as an important part of their future.  BBBS CM/MW is using the mentoring model to offer a safe space for matches to come learn STEM on their own terms.

“They’ll keep coming back because we will break barriers and help people understand that science is within everyone’s reach,” says Jessica.

Interested in participating in our upcoming STEM activity with Jessica
Contact your Match Support Specialist for more information.
December 13th: Code for a Day, 2-4p

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