Volunteer Engagement

Twitter Post (1)Volunteers are the backbone at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest. They volunteer their time and experience to offer consistent and caring relationships with at-risk youth in the Middlesex and Central Mass communities. Because volunteers are so important it is essential that our engagement and appreciation efforts don’t fall through the cracks. Here are three of our efforts:

#1 Continued Training

Our volunteers are required to attend volunteer trainings. They are offered throughout the year in order to keep mentors current on issues relating to child abuse & neglect and issues their communities may be facing.

These trainings are geared to empower our volunteer mentors, and also to offer professional development opportunities through networking and strengthening intervention skills. This helps create a sense of community and belonging that keep our volunteer mentors engaged.

#2 They’re connected to the communities their Littles live in

“I keep returning as a Big because I learn from my Little Brother just as much as he learns from me,” says Gaetano Scuderi, volunteer mentor from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. “I also have a lot of friends there and we share experiences with each other.”

#3 Offering mentorship when there may be a lack

Our volunteer mentors give their time and experiences because they genuinely want to give back to their community in some way. They want a space to pay-it-forward because they had an influential mentor in their lives.

“Once a week, I enter this bubble where the rest of the world falls away. My Little and I share an hour of each other’s company. We play games, talk about how his week went, and in general just hang out together.” says Allen Supynuk, volunteer mentor. “The biggest thing I do is to be there for my Little Brother. Give without thought of receiving and you will get more than you ever though possible.”

How do you keep up with your volunteer efforts? What keeps you motivated? For more information on how to be a Big, check out: http://www.bbbs.org/site/c.9iILI3NGKhK6F/b.5962345/k.E123/Volunteer_to_start_something.htm

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