10 Ways to Start Something…

10 Ways to Start Something in the New Year

It’s December 31st and you are thinking of ways to lead a better life in the New Year, hoping it’ll be prosperous for you and yours. You’re reflecting on this past year being a rewarding one and thinking of other ways your next year will be rewarding, too. According to Health.com, one-third of Americans make resolutions. Big Brothers Big Sisters has New Year Resolution ideas for you: 10 ways you can start something for a child:

Resolution #1: Be a Mentor
January is National Mentoring Month, what better time to give your time and energy to a child in need in one of Massachusetts’ targeted communities? For more information on how to be a Mentor with BBBS CM/MW, check out: http://bbbscm.org/faqs

Resolution #2: One time donation of $25, $50, or $100 to BBBS CM/MW
All in-kind donations go to the longevity and sustainability of BBBS CM/MW’s mentoring programs: STEM Institute, Corporate Programs, and Worcester Area College Mentoring Programs. https://bbbscm.org/donate

Resolution #3: Sponsor an Event
If you have a workplace or space to host an event to raise funds for the children we serve, do it. BBBS CM/MW Staff and its mentors and mentees will greatly appreciate your efforts!

Resolution #4: Recruit Mentors with BBBS CM/MW
Share your story with your colleagues, friends, and family. See which three people want to become Mentors to children who seek mentorships.

Resolution #5: Set up your own donations page
Your own personal network may be an untapped resource to the children we serve. https://www.razoo.com/start-fundraiser

Resolution #6: Offer tickets to sporting/theatrical events throughout Massachusetts, specifically in the Central Mass/Metrowest regions
Opportunities like these open doors to the children we serve, who may not have had the chance to prior to their mentorship.

Resolution #7: Schedule a BBBS CM/MW Presentation at your work place
In this way, we will be able to spread our cause in different facets of the Central Mass/Metrowest communities.

Resolution #8: Be a monthly donor
You’ll provide monetary support throughout the year! https://bbbscm.org/donate

Resolution #9: Business owners, give us a discount
BBBS CM/MW serve children whose families may have low socioeconomically statuses–every dollar of theirs counts!

Resolution #10: Consider a Business Partnership tailored to your business interests

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest wishes you a glorious and safe celebration of the New Year. You’re the designers of your goals and resolutions—we hope you take into account some of ours.

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