Science with Vinegar & Baking Soda

Haggett, Jessica_STEM Poster
Jessica Haggett, STEM Director, fueling the movement to spark science interest in science.

(Southbridge, MA) On Thursday, March 3rd, STEM Director, Jessica Haggett, shared her expertise with matches at the Tri-Community YMCA. She brought in bins of supplies while the mentors and mentees were in awe at the happenings. As Haggett was setting up, mentors and mentees were curious to see what was in store for them.

Haggett, Jessica_STEM Group 2
Haggett inquiring about science among the audience.

During her demonstration, Haggett inquired with the mentors and mentees about the idea of science and how science happens in our everyday lives. There, Haggett introduced an activity geared towards hypothesizing how much gaseous output there is in relation to the amount of vinegar and baking soda is utilized.

Palladino, Jade and Little Kiara_Snowman2
Big Sister Jade Palladino and Little Kiara engaging in Snowman activity.

There was one mentee who completely shrugged off the idea of participating in either of the STEM activities. She immediately threw her head back and groaned that science is hard, “[I’m] not interested in doing science,” said Little sister, Kiara, “We do science at school and it’s boring.” Little did Kiara know…she would have enjoyed both experiments so much she looked forward to future STEM days at the Tri-Community YMCA.

Haggett continued to inquire with the mentors and mentees on the reactions that were happening during the Balloon on a Bottle experiment. “The vinegar helped created a gas that blew up the balloon when mixed with the baking soda,” said Little Julian.

Moutsoulas, Steven and Little Julian_Vinegar
Big Brother Steven Moutsoulas and Little Julian create carbon dioxide in a bottle with a balloon.

Haggett also introduced a second station where matches could try a different STEM activity to peak their interest. Here, she facilitated an activity focused on creating a snowman with household activities only for the matches to “melt” them later on. Haggett encouraged matches to discuss the science behind each experiment.

“It was so fun making and then decorating a snowman with my Big Sister,” said Little Mariselle, “destroying it with vinegar was even better!”

Amazed at the commotion, the mentors engaged in a similar fashion. “I enjoyed creating and destroying this with my Little,” said Big Brother Jonathan Harrigan. “I didn’t realize how much fun curiosity would be.

At the end of the day, mentors and mentees raved about the next time Miss Jessica comes to the Tri-Community YMCA and allow time and place for them to play with science again. Until next time…

Barrows, Christina and Little Jazlynn_STEM poster

Big Sister, Christina Barrows and Little Jazlynn enjoy the end of STEM Activities at the Tri-Community YMCA by playing with carbon dioxide filled balloons.

For more information on MySTEM, please contact Jessica Haggett at Jessica.Haggett@BBBSCM.ORG.

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