Field Day at Assumption College

Recently I was able to attend a BBBS Field Day and spend some time with an 8 year old girl whose Big Sister was not able to attend the field day. I was nervous to meet her and I’m sure she was nervous as well. She was fairly quiet at first but as the day went on she started to become more comfortable. I walked with her and her friend from her elementary school back to the field day site and we were able to really connect on the walk. She talked to me about her school and her family. I learned so much about her in the three short hours I spent with her. She is quiet and shy in school and tends to have trouble making friends. I saw a lot of myself in her. She’s a strong kid who knows not to do what everyone else does.

When the walk came to an end we had an activity planned at the Field Day site. We performed a science experiment and made our own vanilla ice cream. We made it from scratch and it actually turned out to taste pretty good. Then we went outside and attempted to play tennis (which we were both terrible at) but we had fun. We raced each other back inside and I beat her and she claimed I won because I have “those long, long legs.” Throughout the time I spent with her she said she wanted long legs like mine when she got older. She made me laugh and I enjoyed her company.

I felt like I made a difference in her experience at Field Day, even in the short time I spent with her. I also feel like she made a difference in my life as well. That little girl has inspired me to become a Big Sister one day. I want to make a difference in a child’s life and I want to help someone who needs someone to be there for them. BBBS is so important to these children. They look forward to seeing their Big Brothers and Sisters everyday. For some of them it’s what gets them through bad days at school. Making a difference in a child’s life and making them smile is an amazing concept to me and BBBS is something I would love to be involved in.


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