Mentors are Changing the Future

Research has shown that mentoring and BBBS CM/MW have a positive outcome on youth. The numbers truly show that BBBS is changing lives. Here is some interesting research to prove it!

A study done in 2012 by researcher Jean Grossman and her team is evidence that mentoring changes lives. Jean Grossman is on the faculty of Princeton University and is a Senior Research Fellow at MDRC (a nonprofit organization that focuses on poverty and improving youth). She is an expert on programs serving disadvantaged youth, especially mentoring programs. The study found in matches lasting on average just 5 months, youth in BBBS mentoring programs, were receiving better grades and showed fewer absences.

You can read more about it here:

So what does all of this have to do with helping children reach their full potential? A lot it turns out.

Justin Preston from the Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring concluded in research findings that stronger relationships with mentors would result in more positive attitudes about college, and their motivation to apply. Some students are very gifted but don’t have the confidence or encouragement to even apply to college. Teens tend to be  undermatched. They may be high performing and highly qualified students but they enroll in relatively non- selective colleges and universities. This is caused by a lack of social support from their authority figures and also peers.

Here is the full article:

It is shown that low income high school students are less likely to apply to college and get a bachelor’s degree. They are lacking a positive role model in their life that has gone to college. Mentoring provides high school students with opportunities and skills for development. Mentors give their youth confidence and encourage them to believe in themselves. They can help reverse the negative messages some high school students may receive about their education and future careers.

BBBS CM/MW mentoring is incredibly important in our next generation’s development. Children who never thought they would go to college are being changed everyday and are becoming successful individuals in society. They make it easier for children to properly develop to become self-actualized and self-sufficient. It is important that we keep the mentoring going. Mentors are changing the future.

Become a mentor and help change the future.

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