My Experience at Big Brothers Big Sisters CM/MW

When I first heard about the Big Brother Big Sister internship program from my school, I saw it as a great opportunity to advance in my field. At first I planned to work at Harrington Hospital in Webster but the opportunity fell through a few weeks prior my start date.

I sat down with my internship advisor, Mr. Marcucci, and together we went through the list of companies still looking for interns. Big Brothers Big Sisters immediately stood out. As soon as Mr. Marcucci mentioned BBBS, I saw it as the perfect opportunity especially since I am going into psychology.

Of course I was nervous my first day here! I didn’t know anyone and my shy personality didn’t make it easier to meet new people. I soon found out that everyone there was warm and inviting. Each member welcomed me and soon after I felt like I had been working there for years. They are really a great group of people to work with and I can really see they care a lot about their jobs and this organization.

The Director of Operations, Hawley Harrigan, did her duty to make sure I was comfortable and enjoyed my experience at BBBS CM/MW. Hawley did a fantastic job of giving me great projects to work on such as my blogs and my own social media campaign for nonprofit awareness. Through this opportunity, I found blogging to be enjoyable. Maybe one day I will write a novel or embark on my own blogging site.

I have been given the opportunity to see first hand what BBBS is all about. It’s amazing what my peers are doing to change future generations.

Field Days were events dedicated to celebrate the end of the mentoring year for our Worcester area college mentoring programs. I was able to attend three different Field Days! The first Field Day was held at Assumption College. There, I was a Big Sister for the day and matched with youth who didn’t hesitate to show me how wonderful it is to be a Big Sister. We laughed and had a ton of fun. I was also able to attend the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Field Day and also the College of the Holy Cross. At both locations I saw matches enjoying themselves at their mentors respective college all while having a great deal of fun! It was just a moving scene. Moments like these are proof this organization is making a difference in our communities!

I am so thankful to have been able to meet everyone at BBBS CM/MW. I gained an invaluable experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have not only learned so much about the real world, but also about the effects of positivity and mentoring. Positivity is something everyone needs. BBBS CM/MW uses positivity in its relationship to keep improving the surrounding communities and empowering young people to do the same.

As Steven Spielberg once said,” The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” I encourage anyone to be a Big at some point in their lives.

Give someone the opportunity to better themselves and share experiences with a young person in need. Check out our FAQ to learn more about BBBS CM/MW:

Written by Victoria Demers


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