MySTEM at TouchTomorrow


This year we were honored to be included in the TouchTomorrow STEM Expo at WPI. This festival of science, robots, and technology draws over 10,000 attendees each year, including parents, kids, educators, and STEM-interested adults from all over New England.  Despite rainy weather, people stampeded to WPI for a chance to experience all that TouchTomorrow has to offer.

Visitors had the opportunity to try on the Mark III Space Suit from NASA, play basketball with a robot, watch what happened to peeps inside a vacuum chamber, and experience dozens of hands-on activities. Kids were able to build DNA out of candy, construct packaging for a s’more that would survive being dunked in water or heated with a hair dryer, build a hover craft out of a CD, sponge, and a straw, and so much more.

This year, BBBSCM was included to promote our MySTEM initiative. If you haven’t learned about us yet, check out our website at  By being present at TouchTomorrow we were able to directly connect with families, educators, and potential funders who are now aware of our mission and our programming. At our booth, kids were also able to test out their engineering skills by building a structure out of spaghetti and marshmallows that would withstand an “earthquake.” An earthquake here means being shaken on a piece of cardboard suspended over some tennis balls.  We had yelps and hollers as kids discovered whether their structures passed muster. Those whose structures passed the test walked away with big smiles, but I think the ones whose structures flew into dozens of tiny pieces may have had yet bigger smiles.

Many thanks to the caring community at WPI who put on this incredible event for featuring us, and for providing the community with an absolutely incredible day. To learn more about TouchTomorrow, go to If you haven’t attended yet, do not miss it next year!

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