Rodman Spotlight: Nate Chung

We got a chance to interview one of the goalies from the Holy Cross Men’s Lacrosse Team, Nate Chung. Nate is captaining the John’s Brothers team supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/ Metrowest in the 2016 Rodman Ride for Kids. Nate has been working hard to inspire his team to ride and fundraise to support our mentoring programs. He was excited to share his past experience with the Rodman Ride, as well as this year’s experience as a team captain. Check out what he had to share!


How did you first get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters?

In 2000, the Holy Cross Men’s Lacrosse team formed a partnership with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to honor the memory of former teammate John Price. Price lived out Holy Cross’s motto, “men and women for and with others,” through his service in the community; he died in a tragic accident in 2000. Since then, every member of the lacrosse team has volunteered to mentor a child at the Canterbury School in Worcester. As a freshman on the team in 2014, I learned about the program and was matched with my “little” Peter.

What has been most rewarding about being a Big Brother?

The most rewarding part of being a Big Brother is experiencing the true friendship that has developed between my “little,” Peter, and me. While the initial role model to mentee relationship always exists, a friend to friend relationship has certainly grown. Every week, we converse about a wide range of topics; we laugh and joke around a lot. It’s evident that Peter trusts me as a friend and role model, which means a lot to me.

nate-blog-7How would you describe your past experience with the Rodman Ride?

My freshman year, I participated as a “virtual rider.” I cheered on my teammates who were physically riding and volunteered at a water station. My sophomore year, I decided I was ready for action and rode in the race. I rode most of the race and crossed the finish line alongside last year’s John’s Brothers Rodman Ride captain, Joe Reilly.

What are you looking forward to most about the Rodman Ride this year?

My favorite part of the event is its overall atmosphere. There are hundreds of people present from all over the area, from different schools, companies and organizations, all there for a similar reason. This communal sense of helping others creates a positive energy that can easily be felt walking around the grounds or riding in the race.

What inspired you to be team captain of the John’s Brothers team this year?nate-blog1

I’m passionate about the work I do with the Big Brothers program. Our team’s Rodman Ride captain from last year, Joe Reilly, graduated this past spring. I’m honored that I’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of leading the Holy Cross Men’s Lacrosse team in our involvement in the Rodman Ride.

What do you think will be on your mind during the ride?

Probably the barbecue held after the race!

What advice would you give someone who is on the fence about participating?

I’ll borrow from Nike here: “Just do it!” And I’ll add my own part: You certainly won’t regret it. Participating in the Rodman Ride is a tremendously fulfilling experience.

Click here to make a donation to support Nate and the John’s Brothers team in his ride this year! Are you interested in getting involved as a rider, “virtual rider” or volunteer at the Rodman Ride for Kids this year? Click here to register or contact Jackie ( for more information. 


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