Our Corporate Mentoring Programs: Broadening Horizons

Greg Wood, Marketing and Special Events Intern

To many of you reading this, your office may simply be a workday destination.  To a kid however, the ordinary becomes extraordinary: the office turns into a world full of promise and prospect, giving them a vision into the results that hard work and dedication can bring.  Your everyday tasks at work can spark a previously undiscovered passion in a kid, leading them down a path that may not have appeared otherwise.  There’s a lot about this world that kids don’t know about, and a mentor’s job is to show them the good that life has to offer.

Mentorship is not about teaching children what they should be, but what they could be.

Through our mentoring programs, our reliable Big Brothers and Big Sisters are the perfect people to help guide their Littles through this journey into adulthood.  Mentorship is not about teaching children what they should be, but what they could be.  It’s about making the possibilities of life truly feel possible.  So, what exactly makes our corporate mentoring program unique?


Littles and their Bigs diligently working on a MySTEM project at a recent visit to the Hanover Insurance Group.

Our corporate mentoring programs are special site-based opportunities for employees to be matched with local Littles in need of a mentor.  Like any site-based program, they meet weekly.  What sets them apart, however, is the unique opportunity of exposing children to a professional environment.  Thanks to the support of locally-based corporate partners such as TJX, Bose, the Hanover Insurance Group, Unum, and Mathworks, BBBS CM/MW is able to facilitate these impactful mentoring programs.

Studies show that employee engagement programs – such as our own corporate mentoring programs – help attract and retain employees.

Our corporate mentoring programs don’t jus benefit the kids either: studies show that employee engagement programs – such as our own corporate mentoring programs – help attract and retain employees.  Giving a kid an hour of your time every week isn’t just impactful to the child, it’s also a way to relieve your own stress from the workplace,  leading to a more positive experience & culture back at the office!  Many of our Bigs described their weekly hour as a great escape from the office, allowing them to return to work refreshed and motivated by a positive volunteer experience. Any form of mentorship is a two-way street, and our corporate programs are no exception.

Many of our corporate sites offer opportunities for their Bigs to bring their Littles to work: our program at TJX is especially eye-opening in that Littles meet their Bigs at the office every week.  We often hear stories of kids one day wanting to work at the same place as their Big, simply due to the exciting visits to the office: here is one child’s story.

Programs 043.JPG

Derick (left) and Doug (right) practicing basketball at the local Boys and Girls club.

Meet Derick (Little) and Doug (Big), one of our corporate matches.  Prior to being matched, Derick had said that he dreamed of becoming a mechanical engineer and a great basketball player.  Enter Doug, the perfect Big Brother for Derick: Doug is a mechanical engineer at Bose, as well as a community basketball coach.  The two of them hit it off immediately!  They split up their weekly hour in half, designating the first half to practice basketball technique and drills, and saving the second for engineering activities.

Even though Derick already had an interest in engineering prior to meeting Doug, taking part in engineering activities with Doug’s guidance gave him a much clearer understanding and passion for the field.  Whenever Derick doesn’t quite understand something about a piece of technology Doug shows him, he asks for more explanation; Doug’s guidance is the perfect answer to Derick’s engaged & inquisitive nature.  Derick recently visited Doug at Bose this past June for “Bring A Child to Work” day, an experience which undoubtedly broadened his bright horizons even more.


Sam (left) and his Big Brother Brent (right) at the Hanover Insurance Group for “Bring Your Little to Work” day.

Derick and Doug’s close relationship is not an anomaly amongst our matches: many of the Bigs and Littles we had the chance to speak with at the Hanover Insurance Group’s “Bring Your Little to Work” day this past month were all overjoyed to be with their Big at their workplace.  When interviewing one match, Sam and Brent, we asked what Little Sam liked most about his Big Brother.  Sam jubilantly proclaimed that “he’s nice!”  Couldn’t have put it better ourselves!  What does Sam think Brent does for a job? “He’s cool.”  One of life’s hardest jobs indeed.  When asked the same question about her Big, another Little named Brianna said that “she works hard.”  We hope that Brianna will one day be working just as hard to achieve whatever she desires.


When our corporate Bigs ask their Little what their dream job is, we want their answer to be more than just a dream.  We want it to be a certainty, and our corporate mentors can help make that happen.  Corporate mentors aren’t just giving a tour of their workplace, they’re broadening children’s horizons and showing them that they have the capacity to achieve the same success.

Interested in getting involved with our corporate mentoring programs?  Contact our Corporate Programs Director at Jessica.Haggett@bbbscm.org!

For a list of all of our corporate programs partners, visit our corporate partners page.

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