Volunteer FAQ

Who are volunteers?

Our volunteers are doctors, mechanics, architects, construction workers, teachers, lawyers, students, retirees and more.

What does it take to be a volunteer?

All it takes is having fun and sharing time. Little moments such as taking a walk, riding a bike, or watching a movie turn into big magic when shared with a child. You’ll be having fun while showing a child that you care.

Who are the Little Brothers, Little Sisters, and their families?

Our Little Brothers and Sisters can range in age from 6-13 years old. They can be children from single family homes, families new to the United States, or children with other special circumstances. The children live across Central Massachusetts and Metro West and are looking to share a little time with a Big Brother or Big Sister in their community.

How do I become a volunteer?

Just Apply to submit an online application along with three references. Just call Katherine Ott at 508-879-7762 to schedule an interview.

What types of activities do we share together?

Generally, our Big Brothers and Big Sisters spend at least a few hours every month with their Littles, shooting hoops, cooking, riding bikes, or playing video games- anything that lets a child know that someone else cares for them, pays attention to them, and lets them safely enjoy their childhood.

What happens if questions arise or if I need to change my schedule?

Your match support specialist is always available to answer questions or help with problems. Just give him or her a call or send an email!